T– Soft

Solution for payment terminals

New possibilities

Automatization of payment terminals provides for additional functions of devices
Sensors for safe boxes
Tilt sensor
Shock sensor
System characteristics

The WEB-structure provides for an easy update of the software and for compatibility with most terminals available at the market.

The microservice approach provides for flexible settings, high rate and overall safety of the system.

The use of EDS and the integrated anti-fraud system eliminate the risk of fraud and provide for security of payments.

Technical support

Our client service provides for 24/7 online monitoring of transactions and of the physical state of devices. This permits to interfere promptly in case of any accident.

Show-case for your business

All the most popular services for payments processing at lowest integration costs for you to get profit as swiftly as possible.

Individual approach
Individual approach to each partner in order to chose the most suitable tariff and way of communication.
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