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Cloud cash desk
This product give the possibility to swiftly and easily start processing payments and trasnferring money at your points of sale and operation sites.
more than3500goods and services to pay
dealing with5money transfer systems

Particularities of our products

Integration with 1C for automatization of business processes
Abbyy recognition technologies for passports and bills
E-keys to ensure security of payment process
Incorporated document flow with the use of electronic digital signature (EDS).
Swiftening the cashier's work thanks to the 'Already paid' function
Customized list of the available providers


We provide a solution for any complicated sales via a simple integration of additional products and a possibility to pay for them by any method depending on the business objective. Head towards sales increase and start getting profit right now.

Suitable for
Automatization of business processes and sales through a centralized control system. It is possible to set up payment processing options in a retail chain within 15 minutes using our chash desk software. The developers of this software have taken into account all the particularities of the highly charged retail business.
Financial institutions
Nowadays a Bank means online services and work with clients. It is now easy to set up a retail business thanks to a centralized platform for working with individuals through points of sale and cash desks.
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